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Lynn Hansen

Lynn Hansen

Saint Paul, MN


Trained as an art teacher, I have been a painter, photographer and designer for many years. Worked as art director for a theater company in San Diego, designer for an audio visual company in Minneapolis, tech director for a contractor with Walt Disney World in Orlando, graphic designer for a Landscape Architect in Orlando, as a teacher in Nairobi, Kenya, and prepress for a printer in Minneapolis. My work is displayed in many private collections and currently I am a member of Art of the Lakes in Battle Lake, Minnesota.

My work reflects my interest in technical challenges and spiritual depth. The style adapts for each new piece, but retains a personal identity recognizable in the whole body of work.


Rhythm Composition


Crack in Birch Bark with Lichen


Flying in Space


Early Spring Sumac Blowing in the Wind


Large Round Purple Flower


Field of Wildflowers


Abstract with Door


Abstract Patina in Blue and Orange


Lush Flower Garden


Pink Calla Lilies


Walking the Dogs


Sunset Surf


Dawn Over Cape Canaveral


Red Sky at Morning


Early Morning Run


In the Forest


High Forest on Mt. Rainier


High Prairie Home


Highway to the Sky


They Are Satisfied With Good Things


Rocky Outcrop in Winter


Mountain Tree Growing Out of Rocks


Waterfall on Mount Rainier


Highway into Glacier National Park


Sunlit Clouds on Mt. Rainier